Members' stories

We can help our members with contract and payment disputes, all dealt with in a professional and confidential manner:

“Thank your very much Scottish Artists Union, once again you have kicked the arse of a gallery so I’m getting paid! This is great, I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much, you can count on my support for every day until I die and possibly for a few years after that as well!”


"I can't thank you enough, your help for me this year has been fantastic! I have been recommending union membership to my fellow artists and colleagues. I'm very glad you're there for artists."


We provide a whole range of learning opportunities designed and delivered by artists for artists:

“I feel the training will have a lasting impact on me and hopefully make collaborative projects more successful in the future. It's not often I get the chance to slow down and reflect on my goals or how to reach them”


"These opportunities were amazing and so useful. The food was lovely. I would love to do more workshops like this and take part in further opportunities."


Building associations with artists and giving space to our members to make connections between themselves is important:

"I specifically enjoyed the opportunity to connect with those in a community I have lost touch with."

Our members recognise why it's important for an artist to join a union:

"[Being a member] fosters a sense of solidairty, support and camaraderie and there is a sense of strength from being part of a collective."


Since 2014, the Scottish Artists Union has asked its members about living and working as an artist and maker in Scotland. You can read more in our reports here.

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